What is SharePoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a collection of cloud and web-based technologies. That make it easy to store, share and manage digital information in your organization. With SharePoint, you get access to an incredibly powerful tool for handling. All documents in the company, and at the same time the opportunity to handle processes. That previously had to be handled by hand.

Microsoft SharePoint Online in Office 365 empowers people to share and work together. Inform and engage others across the enterprise, transform business processes and leverage collective knowledge. In addition, SharePoint provides features to protect and manage data and to create customized solutions.

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SharePoint makes it easy and simple to create perfect frameworks for collaboration across the company but also with external actors. SharePoint is also inextricably linked with Teams, which in short is about making collaboration even easier in the company. Read more about Teams right here.

10 best features of SharePoint

SharePoint is the best tool for document management and collaboration across your company developed by Microsoft. It is basically an intranet, content management system that is used for internal purposes that helps to bring the company together. But also drastically improve collaboration across departments via easy sharing of documents. But also further by connecting Microsoft Teams.

Now it is no longer only large companies that can benefit greatly from SharePoint. But also small companies can get a lot out of document management and save time and money on old file servers.

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SharePoint’s core functionalities are

a) To store documents in a more efficient format than a regular directory system and
b) bring together an organization so that everyone receives critical information that is relevant to them
c) as well as higher security so that documents can only be seen by relevant people

Here are 10 functionalities that SharePoint excels in

  1. Upload files to your SharePoint Document library and thereby access them from all places and devices You can easily drag files from your computer into the document library in SharePoint online. Here it is easy and simple to get files out into the cloud, and should you need to migrate large amounts of data from an existing network drive, it is easily done with the Microsoft migration tool.
  2. Open a document in a document library Click on a document to open it, either in the Office online version or in the locally installed Word program. In SharePoint online, you can preview files and thereby easily find the right document.


  1. Collaboration with others in the same document, simultaneously In a document library, you click on the document you want to work in, when it opens in Office online you can then see the number of simultaneous people working in the document in the upper right corner.
  2. Share documents It is easy to share documents in SharePoint with both external and colleagues, click on the three dots (…) to open the menu and click on share. Here it is also easy to set up rights so that the company can easily control whether sharing with external parties is permitted. If you share a document with someone who does not have rights to see it, that person will receive a message about a lack of access.

Site owner rights

  1. Share pages If you have Site owner rights, you can also easily share pages, here you click on SharePoint or Sites and select the site you want to share.
  2. Create a Team site If you use Office 365, you can easily create a SharePoint team page that also creates an Office 365 group. If you create an Office 365 group in outlook or people, you automatically get a team site in SharePoint online.

You can use a team site in SharePoint online for collaboration in the company and in addition you can easily add a Team afterwards from which you can chat, call but also use e.g. Microsoft Planner.

document library to your Team site

Add a list or document library to your Team site You can easily add lists and document libraries to SharePoint online by clicking new from within the page, then you can choose which type of list you want to add. There are a number of standard lists, but you can also create your own from scratch.

Keep previous versions of a document while making changes to it In SharePoint online, you can right-click on a document to see the version history. Everything you do on a document in SharePoint online is saved here, and you can easily restore previous versions of a document from here. You can also easily see who made the previous version of a document and thus easily find your way back to the version you need.

Search for content

Search for content, documents… It has never been easier to find content in SharePoint online than now, you can easily search for documents and content and the content in the document itself is also searched. All content on SharePoint online can be searched, but of course only if you have the right to view the content.

Share information with the entire company, easily and simply In Office 365 and SharePoint online, you can easily add Yammer and thereby create an area where all employees across the company have access to communicate, a so-called FaceBook for the company.

SharePoint online

It is also possible to add news to SharePoint online and from there share exciting news and information for everyone in the company.

SharePoint is a business tool with an incredible number of options, and designed with security as a central role in all content that is added to the system. If you want to maximize your benefit from Office 365 and SharePoint online, get in touch with us today, we will be happy to come out for an inspirational meeting.

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