What You Can do When The Extender  Does Not Connect With The Router

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 The extender gets signals from the router and spreads them all over the area. If the router does not connect with your extender, your devices cannot connect to internet signals. Mismatch and setup can cause these issues. If you also face the same kind of issues in your home then read the article attentively. Because we are going to pen down some major reasons which can disturb your internet signals. 

Come Closer to The Router

 The router spread the signals throughout the area. So that’s why people use extenders at their homes to extend their internet signals. They set the router and repeater at the proper distance so that they can get high-speed internet everywhere in their house. It is the right approach. But if your extender does not connect with the router then move your extender close to the router. It helps to extend the signal again. After a few times when signals are stable in your extender, you can change your extender’s place again and locate it, where it was placed before. This is the best way to connect the extender to the router.

Building Structure Can Affect Your Router Signals

 The signal bar in mobile or laptop shows the strength of the wireless network, it can be affected by walls and floors. Those people live in the multi-story house they ever face. Because they place their router on the ground floor but the extender is on the second or third floor. It may interfere with the signals which is also a major reason for the loss of connectivity between the router and extender. Therefore, put the router and extender in the center position of your home and office, so that both devices can get signals properly.


By changing the WiFi channels, you can fix Internet issues. This is also the best option for getting great wireless signals. Setting different channels on your router and extender helps you increase your internet signal and connect with each other. Your neighbors can use the same channels on their routers. It may reduce the wifi signals on your router. 

To access the login wizard, you must use the default login IP. After that, you can use the wizard to input your information and log in. In order to fix the issue, you need to access the extender’s settings and change its wireless mode. You can also change the frequency of the wifi connection through this setting

 Connect Many Devices 

When people connect devices at the same time, their internet speed slows down. People experience this issue when they use their home internet while doing important office work. Giving your children access to multiple devices causes unnecessary hassle. That also can cause your router to not connect with the extender. Limiting the number of devices can help your computer or tablet access a greater internet connection. 

External interruptions

Internal and external devices can affect your extender signals. If your router is located near electronic devices and Bluetooth devices. It will not be able to spread signals throughout the home or office. These devices also spread high frequencies, so these waves can disturb the router and extender signals. Move your router to a safe place where they can’t get these wives. 

 For example, if you listen to music on the radio then you may not be able to get proper signals. Make sure where your router and extender are positioned in that place to avoid using the radio. 

Mismatching Firmware Configurations

If you have the most recent wavlink router version but your extender is still expecting an update, your extender might not work properly. Aside from those other things, failing to update the firmware on your networking devices is the worst thing you can do to your network. Make sure your extender installs the most recent software because these updates are designed to increase speed and correct bugs.

  • Connect your extender to a computer or other device via an Ethernet cable.
  • Visit wifi.wavlink.com from your connected device.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the firmware upgrade option.
  • Upgrade your program if any new updates are available.

 Last words 

 Connectivity is essential between the router and the extender. Because if your extender does connect with the router, it may not be able to extend wifi signals at your place. So follow the upper instructions and enjoy high-speed internet signals at your home and we also help you to fix wavlink extender login.

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